[XV2] Merged God Zamasu Unleashed + Bonus Oozaru Zamasu!

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Yo, Everyone! I'm going to release my, probably, best mod ever.

It's Merged Zamasu. (Yeah, i know that there's 1 month left to his official release but i don't care.)

Well, just to make this mod more special, i gave it a Bonus too: It's Merged Zamasu in his Oozaru form.

So.. It contains new skillsets, new movesets and new custom voice.

  • Model and Skills by me. Holy Wrath textures by SK95
  • Moveset by UTTank
  • Custom Voice by Lighto

New skills:

All Skills are also for CaC excepts Great Ape's skills.


  • Chou Makohou (For Great Apes only.)
  • Storm of Justice
  • Light Charge
  • Magical Thunder.


  • Holy Wrath
  • Blades of Judgment
  • Divine Wrath
  • Super Chou Makohou (Great Ape only)

x2m way lol


Update 1:

  • Support for Every Language in the game, corrected costumes names, corrected Blades of Judgment skill and corrected Merged Zamasu (Oozaru)'s name for every language.

Update 2 (Not a real change)

  • Portrait updated (thanks to¬†Alfian Yong Teguh)
  • Voice in character selector changed ( By an anonymous)


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