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[XV2] King Of Everything – Merged God Zamasu

Goketer HighCeiling
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December 27, 2017

Hello, guys.

I shall embrace you the new King of Everything Merged God Zamasu.


This mod includes two options for shading which they are H-Graphics and normal shading.

Omni King Zamasu includes a custom stance, no custom moveset and 9 custom skills.

  • Zamasu's stance is inspired by the one used in the anime all the time while having the halo active. I credit Gucci King for the animation and thank him for helping me

I'm not going to spoil what custom skills are about, i will just tell the names:

  • Blessed Punishement: Omni King Zamasu's super skill.
  • Divine Replenishment: Omni King Zamasu's charge/super skill.
  • Purification:¬†Omni King Zamasu's ultimate skill.
  • Existence Erasure:¬†Omni King Zamasu's ultimate skill.
  • Rejection Barrier:¬†Omni King Zamasu's evasive skill. I credit HyperSonic2310 for the textures.
  • Universal Wrath:¬†Omni King Zamasu Half Corrupted's super skill.
  • Absolute Storm:¬†Omni King Zamasu Half Corrupted's super skill.
  • Black Hole:¬†Omni King Zamasu Half Corrupted's ultimate skill. I credit SKB95 for letting me edit Sphere of Judgmenet!
  • Barrier of Condemnation:¬†Omni King Zamasu Half Corrupted's evasive skill.

Have fun on discovering how they work and what they are about!

I credit Yami no Tenshi for the idea of Omni King Zamasu's Corruption being space itself.

I credit DARKKin for the portraits.

In order to get the aura working for both Zamasu you will need this installed:

Join my discord server!

Known issues:

  • When you end a battle with Omni King Zamasu, the camera won't show his face at all. I couldn't fix that.
  • The animation on the character roster selection of Omni King Zamasu is constantly jumping because the custom animation is¬†NOT skipping the frame 0 which means it's constantly jumping from the T-pose. It can't be fixed to my knowledge. If you don't want the custom animation, you can fix that by going on the charcreator of Omni King Zamasu and go on the CUS tab and then change his ean from OKZ to ../ZMG/ZMG. It will give him the normal stance that Merged Zamasu has.
  • Don't use the skill¬†Existence Erasure if you don't have an opponent locked.


You know: x2m way.

  • Release date: No updates planned.
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