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Xenoverse 1 animations for normal Super Saiyan

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July 20, 2017

8To anyone wondering: My online name is Ryz. That's why the mod author and files say that.

There was a mod a while back that changed FSS to XV1 SS animations, I saw he tried to turn the normal SS to that but was unable. This was before a tool required for this was created.


This changes SS1 and 2 to the xenoverse 1 SS, I left SS3 the same since I felt its more realistic to take a few seconds to transform to that.


There's four variants. This is the listing and stats.

Highpowered, no balance.

SS1 stats: Increases ki by 7.5 percent

Adds a 2.5 percent ki and stamina regen

All attacks do 37.5 percent more damage.

Adds a 7.5 percent damage reduction from all attacks

Increased ground speed by 17.5 percent

Boost and airspeed increased by 25 percent

Dash speed increased by 1 percent.


SS2 stats:

Increases ki by 1 percent.

1 percent ki and stamina regen

All attacks do 50 percent more damage.

Adds 17.7 percent damage reduction from all attacks.

Ground speed increased by 25 percent

Boost speed increased by 6 percent

Dash speed increased by 2 percent.


SS3 stats:

Ki increased by 15.5 percent

22.5 percent ki and stamina regen

All attacks do 85 percent more damage

Adds 19 percent damage reductions from all attacks

Ground speed increased by 35 percent

Air speed increased by 45 percent

Boost speed increased by 80 percent

Dash speed increased by 50 percent


Costs and requirements:

Same as normal Super Saiyan


High powered balanced stats: Same as above.

Costs and requirements:

SS1 same requirement, removes half a ki bar

SS2 same requirement, removes two ki bars

SS3 requires six ki bars and removes three.


Normal Stats:

Normal has the same amount in both Ki blasts and strike damage as normal super saiyan


Same as regular super saiyan


Normal, SV stats:

Just a copy of SV but added a stage and has XV1 SS animations.

Stage 3 has the same stats as SS3 but instead of strike attacks doing more damage, Ki blasts do.



None that I saw. If you have a problem where when trying to transform to SS3 on the balanced high power variant where you go back to base form, this is because you don't have the amount of ki that SS3 removes.




Q: What outfit is that?

A: Note's outfit. Check my profile you'll see my X2m of it.

Q: Whats the tail?

A: Included with my x2m.

Q: What about hair? A: Notes. Search note's transformable hair. I'll probably include it with the mod eventually. I have permission.

Q: Transforming to SS3 reverts back to base form.

A: Check bugs section.

Q: Will you add (blank) skill?

A: No. Look elsewhere. If you want a skill buffed maybe, but I don't make custom skills. Check lazybone's mod.




Final notes:

This skill was designed to work with lazybones transformations out of the box. If you do not have lazybone's transformations then install the hair files x2m.

If you use a custom hair, check the instructions in the zip.

You WILL get an infinite loading screen if you don't follow the instructions. I put them there for a reason. If you ask for help for an infinite loading screen I will ignore it. The only reason you'll get this is if you don't follow the instructions. I tested every file. If you did install the hair files and its still an infinite loading screen then it may be a mod conflict. Or I may have missed something


They all have their own ID, that means you can use one of them or all of them at once.

Forgot to say. Things like "here I go" and "this is super saiyan 3" the former I know how to fix. But I forgot to do it. The latter I don't know. It works, but it doesn't match your voice type. It defaults to voice type 1. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know.

That's all I have to say.


Gif of file in action:




Extract files

Install x2ms from main files and hair files if needed.


  • Initial release.
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