Vegito SSB (Transforms to SSB)

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Hi there! Just a heads up this replaces normal SSJ Vegito so sorry about that as whenever I try to convert this to a x2m it removes the textures ? sorry but if someone can help me with this please PM me. An other issue is the aura the way I know of changing the aura it effects everyone who turns SSJ so for example if Goku goes SSJ his aura would be blue. So for this mod I didn't change the aura so it has normal SSJ aura sorry ? (but could be fixed IF I FIGURED OUT TO MAKE X2MS PROPERLY!) anyways if you don't care of any of those flaws all I can say is enjoy :)

Update: Now an x2m enjoy! but the transformation aura is the same sorry :(


Read "README.txt" in the download


1.0: Original

1.1: Now an x2m!

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