vegito reaching his limits

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Hello guys im new in modding and I only know few so I made a character that helped me to do many thing especially hard quests and expert missions ok now this character is as the title vegito reaching his limits idk if some of u know that 1 time goku reached his limits with super saiyan now this is vegito reaching his limits we have never seen vegito using his full power before as u know he always hold back and now lets go to mod I made this character is a power full attacks and ki blast + I take 1 skill from hypersonic2310 (Divine lasso blue version) and I added it as ultimate attack if you want this ultimate for ur cac u can find it here : (Divine Aurora Blade) last thing:(if any one know how to add transformations and custom hair and custom skills and more like this please add me and teach me how to do it or tell me where I can learn it because I search on youtube how to custom hair u know for example adding super saiyan blue for character or something I didn't find any thing like it so I hope some one help me for this contacts: (Skype:Darcus Alabed EmailSkype:[email protected]) if is tthere any thing u want to contact me on it please write it in comment and I will follow u enjoy the mod


x2m method


1.0 release

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