Vegetto Hairstyle For Female Cacs

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Vegetto Hairstyle Base For Female Cacs


The Hairstyle of Vegetto Base for Cacs and not only that also adds 3 wig type accessories that is the SS3, SS4

And SS5 these accessories work as if it were the natural hair of the personage that would grab the color of the

hair that you have as Base, also the SS3 And SS5 Have Their Corresponding Physics


If you have the Mod of lazybones "New Transformations" with the manual version you can replace it with the

hairstyle of "Vegetto" the ones that change are SS3 and SS4


I'll leave you a Link of It:



El Hairstyle de Vegetto Base para Cacs y no solo eso también añade 3 accesorios que es el SS3 , SS4 And SS5

estos accesorios funcionan como si fuera el pelo natural del personaje lo que agarrara el color del pelo que

tengas como Base, también el SS3 And SS5 Tienen sus Físicas Correspondientes


Si tienes el Mod de lazybones “New Transformations” con la versión manual puedes remplázalo con el hairstyle

de "Vegetto"  los que cambian en si son el SS3 y el SS4


Te dejare un Link de Ello:


Vegetto (Female)



Eternity For their modding tools

Olganix & Dario For Xenoviewer


Just use X2M installer eternity tool;




-Content Manual Versión And .X2m Versión

-Replaces the Hairstyle 31 = 32 ----> In the Character Creator (HUF/SYF)

-Replaces the Hairstyle 31 = 32 ----> In the Character Creator (MAF)

-Added Accesories Type Wig SS3 , SS4 And SS5 For Female Cacs



-Fixed white part on SS4 Hairstyle when Transformed into SS4

-Added SS5 Hairstyle Replace For SS3 And SS4 Hairstyle  With Physics


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