(UPDATED)Goku but he’s Vegeta because Ginyu successfully changed body instead of becaming a space frog

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Do you remember me? I am that guy who made a stupid cac mod (Expand Dong) months ago

Well, i wanted to do something better, but silly at the same time.

What if in an alternate universe Goku died in Ginyu's body and Ginyu successfully changed body with Vegeta? He kept his identity secret and he was saved from Gohan, while Crilin caught Ginyu attention. I let you imagine the rest of the story

He has Vegeta's voiceline, moveset and skills, also transform in SSJ1-SSJ2-SSJ3

"But Andredz why Scouter Vegeta can go SSJ3 if that Goku body is from Namek Saga?"

Well... Fan-service?


Maybe in the future i'll do more mods like this (like Vegeta but he's Goku) but I leave the decision up to you! If you want to see more just leave a comment below!


I used Joe6966's Goku Expert mod as reference model because I had issues by unpacking original Goku's files so I randomly download a normal goku as example...Anyway check out his mod it's cool too https://starcitizenmods.com/mods/x2m-goku-expert-added-slot/

Also Special Thanks to Bobatemyake (Namek/Android Vegeta) and pessi (Ascended Super Saiyan Transformation)


Eternity Tools (X2M Installer)

You can add the characters as a New Slot or Append it as an existing slot


Version 1.1

Fixed voiceline, Changed to Vegeta SSJ4 now he yells correctly the name of the move, when uses his ultimate skills (Final Shine Attack, Final Flash)

Version 2

Changed moveset combos, now he fight like Vegeta

Version 3

Added Namek Saga(After being healed in the Medical Machine) and Super Vegeta slots (it describes itself), Special thanks to Bobatemyake and pessi

Version 3.1

Added Android Saga slot (Before the Hyperbolic Chamber Training) by Bobatemyake

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