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so here is the first mod uploaded by me and its the time breaker mask that the conton city hero wore when we fight him/her in story mode. even though there are other mods that make this mask acessable from the game data my mod is somewhat diffrent because it adds extra effects to your CaC that will essensially render him/her invincible due to it giving you a massive stat boost in all stat areas. I also want you guys to heed this warning and that is to not use the mask if your in a raid quest where you could end up being mind controled because you will then be stuck under the mind control due to the stats being shared with the duplicate you fight while your cac is under the mind control



just use the x2m method


UPDATE V1.1 Notes:

*Reduced the speed of the movement due to players finding it difficult to play with the mask equipped

*fixed the mask not adding any boosts in damage to ki based attacks so no need to worry about the risk of geting stuck in expert missions with the mind control

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