Thin Male Majin – BCS Edition

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It's been a while since my last mod!

I already tried to create thin male Majins some time ago, but the way I started required too much time, this time I used a different approach.

This time the only thing I edited is the .bcs, that way everything else (like clothes) is automatically compatible.


Mainly, I started this mod as an experiment, just to see what's possible to do with bcs edits, but after some results I thought to release something... In other words, there are still some problems!

The most problematic part is the lower body, i.e. the legs; they don't look so good for now!

I think something better can be done with some more tries, if I'll have some free time I'll try to update this mod!


This mod changes some of the presets of the Male Majin race (look at the images!), so it doesn't remove regular fat Majins from the game.


The best way to install this mod is to use XV2 Patcher and drag & drop my .bcs file into data/chara/MAM/


Keep in mind that this mod will conflict with everything that needs bcs edits on Male Majins.


1.0 - Initial release.

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