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THE ZERO MORTAL PLAN- Fused Zamasu CAC item pack

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November 9, 2017

Hey guys!

This is my First mod ever. So excuse any glitches or anything. Lets get started with The Zero Mortal Plan!

-This Pack contains a new transformation i made called Super Saiyan Rose Purfied For SYM and HUM for those who favor humans.(lore) in a alternative timeline where Zamasu purfied the corruption form and manifested it into his SSR mode.

-Corrupted Zamasu hair for both HUM/HUF just change the id code unless you want the basic one.

-Skill From Corrupted Zamasu. These Skills arent mine All props belong to SKB95. Go check out the his mods.All i did was rename the skills, added details to it, and raised the price (for those who like to work towards things).(spiral of condemnation-Oblivion Tempest)  (Celestial Hammer-Voids Might) (Light of Justice-Light of Judgement) (Flames Of Retribution-Flames Of Punishment)

Use The xv2install method for everything but the hair.

If you have v.1 oblivion tempest,  just uninstall mine and install the new one by SKB. Or youll have two lol

place the hair in data-Chara-HUM/HUF, you choose the gender, rename the 000 code to any other hair id if you dont want to replace 000 or you have another modded hair place there.

V1.2 -Added More skills, Oblivion Tempest now works Smoothly thanks to SKB95!!!

V1-my first mods. Im very open for others to add onto it or help me perfect these mods.If any other modders are able to turn My corruption hair into ssj4 corruption hair, i would love that :D

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