Swimsuit Underwear Mod for Human/Saiyan Female PCs

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What we have here, ladies and gentleman, is a simple underwear mod for Human and Saiyan female PCs. Simply put, this mod replaces the "nude" texture with a set of underwear that resembles a swimsuit. This takes the bust from the Camo Bikini outfit and the pants from the Nappa Battlesuit outfit and combines them into one, while also retexturing them with different colors for some variety.

Now includes an option to replace the Camo Bikini outfit rather than as a retexture for the standard underwear. Also cleaned up one of the folders, as there were leftovers from editing the textures I missed. Whoops. :P


Installation is easy enough. If using the X2VPatcher, just drop the files in the data/chara/HUF directory and overwrite the files when prompted (if you would like, you can backup any HUF_000 files just in case you'd like to revert back to the normal underwear). Otherwise, unpacking and repacking the .cpk files will work as well.

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