Super Saiyan 3 Hair Pack (CAC)

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This package has a fusion of hair for Super Saiyan 3 and 5, use as a base the hair of bardock SS3 in combination with those of Merge Zamasu, Goku SSJ, Broly SS, Karoly and gogeta Ss4 keeping their physics, the original game shadings are already included i hope you like it.


If you want colors and shading like those of the pictures you can try my other mods here: cac/

Este paquete contiene un conjunto de cabellos para super saiyajin 3 y 5, utilice como base el pelo de bardock ss3 en combinación con el pelo de zamasu fusionado, goku ssj, Karoly, Broly ssj y Gogeta ss4, conservando las físicas, espero que les guste.

Si les llamo la atención los colores y sombreados de las imágenes que mostré pueden probar mis otros mods, arriba están los enlaces.





You need XV2Patcher





-Combianations of Karoly hair and Goku SSJ hair Remade

-Added Goku SSJ4 hair combination


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