Super Buu Purification Skillset

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This mod basically changes Super Buu's Skillset so that he can become Kid Buu, without changing character.

If you do not know how to use Purification, this is how. (If I missed anything, please let me know :D):

  • Will slowly drain stamina
  • If you Dash into someone, they get hit
  • Holding the base attack (Weak attack, Square etc.) will cause you to start spinning. If you wait for a flash to appear AFTER spinning/charging, let go/stop holding the button. You will then dash to your opponent, breaking their stamina.
  • Pressing the heavy attack (Strong attack, Triangle etc), will cause you to burst dash and hit them. Pressing the button again will do a Reverse Burst Dash
  • You cannot step vanish in Pure form. Instead, you jump up and move the way you want while rolling.
  • While Dashing, holding the attack button (Weak attack, Square etc.) a weird noise plays repeatedly, your ki starts to disappear/drain, but if you do it while dashing into an opponent, it does damage
  • Pressing the Block button will cause Buu to stretch out, allowing you to dodge melee attacks. You can do it with Ki attacks, but it does not work well

Anyway, have fun!

Also, thanks to OmegaSolice for the DBXV2 Tool :D


If you are wondering why Kid Buu's name is "Chrysus" after Purification, I used the CaC Purification Skill and placed it on Super Buu. Therefore, the game thinks my CaC is using Purification, and that Super Buu does not have a Purification name. So if you use this, your CaC's name will appear there instead. (Just a heads up)

Also, I have no idea why he is blue XD. I think that the colour of the Purification of Buu is also based on your CaC, but I am not 100% sure.



Drag and drop the data file inside your directory OR you can just place the .cus file into the system folder inside your data folder. (Not X2M)


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