SSG to SSB to SSB Kaioken for CAC (With Ultra Instinct!)

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This mod adds a new awaken skill "God of Saiyans" to the game. This skill is a staged transformation that will let you go Super Saiyan God(3 Ki Bars), then Super Saiyan Blue (5 Ki Bars) and lastly Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken (7 Ki Bars). Since this skill is functionally identical to my SSJ to SSB to Kaioken Mod, Super Saiyan God is slightly more powerfull than vanilla SSJ1, Super Saiyan Blue is very strong and won't drain your Ki like the one added by 1.09, and Kaioken is OP, but drains your health slowly.


This now also includes another new skill "Limitbreaker of Gods". This is the same as the above, only that if you have 10 Bars of Ki and are in your base form, you can ascend to the mastered Ultra Instinct. This is even more powerfull than Kaioken and won't drain your Health, but it let's you auto-dodge while standing still(Using the Data Input auto-dodge, not the Ultra Instinct Goku one, since i didn't figure out how to use that one yet).


Release 2 also includes "Limitbreaker of Gods - Exhaustion". This is a alternate version of Limitbreaker(which means you can only use either the normal or the Exhaustion version) that lowers the ki requirement of Ultra Instinct to 3 bars of Ki, but only allows you to transform when you have less than 25% of your maximum health, to be more in line with the pressure that Goku had to endure to reach this stage.


All three skills come with a "Skip" and "No-Skip" version. In the No-Skip version you are forced to transform in order, SSG then SSB then Kaioken, in the Skip Version you can skip SSG and go SSB directly if you have enough Ki. You can only install one of the two versios of each skill, you can't have the No-Skip and Skip version of the same skill installed at the same time.


Also the new version has transformable hair, and uses my saiyans presets. If you want to change them replace the hairfiles. You can find a guide and the necessarry files in LazyBones "More Transformations" Mod. Just replace my files instead of the ones in his guide.


IMPORTANT: If installing this mode causes a black screen or a wrong zoom(above your head instead of at your face) during the transformation sequence then install Camera-Fix.x2m from the zip file! It fixes the black screen or the "zoom above your head during transformation" problem!


Of course you can use the Skill Editor to change the stats to be less or even more OP. Enjoy!


This mod started by popular demand from my other mod, SSJ to SSB to Kaioken. Both mods are compatible with each other, so give it a look too!


I also made a standalone version of the Ultra Instinct for all CaC Races!


Simply install the X2m files. The Folder SBG contains the God of Saiyans files, the folder LOG contains the Limitbreaker of Gods files that has Ultra Instinct. LOG - Exhaustion contains the files for the Limitbreaker that needs less Ki but requires you to be low on health. If you get a wrong zooming effect or get a black screen upon transformation, also install Camera-Fix.x2m. If not ignore this file.


You can only install either the Skip or No-Skip version of a skill, but you CAN mix and match. You can install the No-Skip Version of God of Saiyans and the Skip Version of Limitbreaker if you want. You can only install either a version of Limitbreaker OR a version of Limitbreaker Exhaustion! You can not use both!


3.3 Release 2

  • Fixed the camera Fix for the new update. Be aware that it is not compatible with any mod that changes your CAC's Moveset



  • Fixed the distorted shader on the face when in Ultra Instinct mode (it had an obvious border effect across the middle of the face. That is fixed now)


3.2 Release 3

  • Added a fix for the camera issue that occured during the transformation if an outdated SYM.bac or SYF.bac was installed


3.2 Release 2

  • Added a Version of Limitbreaker that needs less Ki but also requires low health to reach Ultra instinct



  • Had the wrong animation set in 3.1. Whoops. Fixed now.



  • Changed Ultra Instinct Animation to SSB Animation. Just seems more fitting



  • Updated to 1.09 Extra Pack 2
  • Changed the SSB transformation animation to the one added with 1.09
  • Added a Version with Ultra Instinct
  • Added Transformable Hair
  • Removed any dependencies from Lazybones "More Transformations" Mod. They are completely independant now.


Known Bugs:

  • In Battle, the transformation labels are very wonky. Nothing i can really do about that. Sorry. Skills work fine, it's just their label beeing a bit weird.
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