Ryu the Demon/Saiyan Hybrid

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RYU ... Lord of edginess

Oh look another CAC x2m, time to downvote it. 

Well I hope this guy is cool enough for you guys to not just see it as another generic CAC mod. I originally was planning to give him Kaioshin ears but I couldn't get the proper permissions to put that in this release. Maybe in an update I'll add them. He's also got a custom (kinda) skill called "Lethal Strike". It's essentially Burning Strike with a new name ¯_(ツ)_/¯  Also... BATLEDAMAGE, FROM THE START?!?! I edited the textures extensively to get that to look the way it does.

Credit to: Tryzick for the hair mod https://starcitizenmods.com/mods/tryzicks-hair-pack-2/

(Yes I was given permission for this, don't worry) 


x2m Method


v 1.0 - Initial Release 

v 1.1 - Fixed eye placement

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