Rycele ( Timelines Hybrid)

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An here comes the lore:

Rycele ( Celery) The daughter of Knyer from another timeline ( GT) and Time Patroller Draconis Rycele has her mother eyes and can go Super Saiyan 3 Rage

Her tail was removed to prevent a dangerous hybrid power (Super Saiyan 4 Rage)

Cell jr did follow Draconis from his timeline to the alternate  ,then after kill Knyer and the almost all Z warriors  ,years later . He was defeated by Rycele SSJ Rage  and future Bra SSj4

A powerful female Makioshin name Shukumei ,did  trick her and her partner with an ilusion to kill the kai of u7 , by disguised as a kai from another universe but she was defeated Some time later she returs  and manage to possess Rycele to kill her partner  and be permanetly destoyed by Rycele SSj3 Rage , after battle her in hell where she meet her grand mother; who was trained by Raditz to mastered a Super Saiyan 3 form and teach to her that form

And that will not be  her last adventure ...


Like any X2M

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