Quick Level Up for CaCs

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This mod allows you to quickly level up your CaC. It has a seamless installation into your game and is compatible with Extra Pack 1 users. All it requires you to do is place the .agd file into your system folder. The AGD controls your CaC's leveling, like how much score (experience points) is required for the next level, how many skill points you get per level, etc. I have modded the AGD so it only requires 1 XP for every level, allowing you to level up quickly. However, such a tool does have consequences: you are still bound by Guru's level caps and limitations.

I also have a Twitter (https://twitter.com/TLAXenoverse2), a Discord server (discord.gg/FHhU29W ) and a YouTube that I plan on making videos on soon (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCagNyb01bj4KZH3hdoNrsYA).

You may have noticed my previous Discord invite stopped working if you tried to use it. That was because I had did a server revamp and it cleared out the existing invites. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am starting up a modding team as well. You may ask me for more information in my Discord server.


Place the .agd file inside of the zip into your system folder.


This mod does not require updates.

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