Play Goku and Gohan as CAC Mod

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Play Goku and Gohan (Super Saiyan Blue) or SSGSS in Conton city and time patroling!!!!

With Costume that be usable with Super Saiyan Blue  Kaioken!!

In the future  I will make Gohan (Future),Trunks (Future) amd Turles as CAC later.

Installation file from

1.1make sure you delete all x2m mod file libxenoverse master from internet (there's tutorial on youtube)

3.go to dragon ball xenoverse 2 game file put extract data file in cpk

4.cilck on extractdata2.bat file and wait for extracting

5.when it finished put downloaded file (File Install First)in data 2

6.and when it finished click on packdata2.bat and wait for packed

7.when it finished go to the game and check this mod is working

8.install file (Install last) in X2m mod installer


1.0 Release Goku and Gohan CAC Mod

1.1Fixed Gohan eyes and some bcs file

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