NskPack (Libxenoverse)

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Mirror when VGM don't want to download

NskPack is a tool to extract/repack nsk file <-> emd + esk.

It's like EmoPack but for stage.

Just drag and drop files (no space in folder's paths).



Notice: Some people talk about they can't use emdfbx with emds from extracted EmoPack.  It's because of old version of emdfbx witch don't take care of all case of vertex definition.

It's the same here with Emd from EskPack.

Please wait for the new version of Emdfbx witch is in test at this moment. still 2 bugs to correct.

Git repo


Just Unzip.

if you have a exception, please intall the Microsoft redistribuable for visual studio 2013 Update 5.



-could use "path with space" -the End or applications are normalized : by default, it's WaitOnError, but with options/shortcut you can change this. -resolve extension in UpperCase.


V 0.0.0:


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