Naruto’s Eight Gates Transformation for XV2 [CAC]

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Push your body to the limit with Naruto's Eight Gates!

As of right now, this is a beta version. Expect more changes and such to come!

Eventually, it would work like Naruto, where in exchange for immense power, you get closer and closer to death.

In the video, I have Tryzick's hair pack 3. This is not included in the download. Instead, you get the default hairstyles that can be changed by replacing 293, 294, and 296 with the hairstyles you want. 294 is Gate 8, 296 is Gate 4-7, and Gate 1-3 is 293.

Both Male and Females can use this transformation and can replace their hairs. Namekians do not have hair, I believe, so I did not include this. Saiyans, Humans, and Namekians can fully use this boost in ALL stats. As of right now, the only drawback is that you take more damage from all sources.

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW OR PM (If urgent, I wouldn't consider a infinite loading glitch too urgent, but if you're suddenly getting the blue screen of death, It'd be nice to know immediately so I can do something about it.) ME IF YOU HAVE ANY REQUESTS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT FOR THIS MOD, ISSUES, OR ANYTHING ELSE NOT DETAILED HERE, I WILL TRY TO ANSWER THE BEST I CAN.

Credits go to Lazybone for inspiration, Tryzick for the hairs listed in the video, Eternity, Mugen, and Olganix for their modding stuff.


1. Install all Xenoverse modding requirements, like X2M installer.

2. Download this X2M

3. Find your X2M installer directory.

4. Open this file up with X2M installer or use the in-built installer button to select this file.

5. ???

6. Profit!


V1.6 - Initial Release

V1.62 - Major rebalance- All gates power up Strike attacks way more (100% more). A big health drain is present at Gate 8. You take more damage in Gate 8.

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