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Male Thin Majin

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November 20, 2017

Hi to everyone!

Some of you may already know one of my old mods called "XV2 Male thin Majin"... I decided to continue working on it!


As I said in the older description, the final goal is to turn the fat Majin race into a slim one.

I've tested some more things and this time I may be able to create a nice mod. At least this time it's playable!


I've included my Everything Colorable mod from the beginning, so every clothes you'll use with my thin Majins will be colorable.

Read the changelog and the comments to see what changes from version to version and to check what I'm planning to include in future releases.


I'm open to suggestions, so if you want to say something, I'm here!

Unpack the archive in your XV2 folder, where there is the data folder used by XV2 Patcher, and overwrite when asked.

When updating from a previous version, if I removed some files, you also have to delete them. You can check if I removed something in the changelog of the various versions.

You can check what older versions included here:

  • 0.9 - first release after the older mod.

Added proper clothes and made all the customization options use new assets.

For now some options (jaws, eyes, ...) will use the same meshes, it's temporary and it's done to prevent the usage of non-compatible ones. I'll replace the duplicates as soon as I create new stuff.

When parts of the body are visible under the clothes, the male Saiyan body is used; even that thing is temporary, I'll update every cloth to use the new Thin Buu body, but firstly I want to make some adjustments on it!

  • 0.9.5

Fixed some things, added the possibility to choose noses options in the character creation screen and added Super Buu clothes; they replaces the Buu-Gi, I'll change the name of the costume in future updates.

I also edited the maximum height of the race, the reason can be easily understood watching at this image: .

I also reworked some things to work without the need of the char_model_spec.cms file, that way some of the incompatibilities should be solved. Manually delete it from your data/system folder if you installed the previous version.

  • 0.9.8

Added some customization options (mainly hairs and eyes) and added a costume with the intention to replicate Huge Buu's body (for now only the upper body is done).


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