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Goku Kaioken x40 TRANSFORMS into FALSE SSJ

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What if Goku was able to use Kaioken at a 40 multiplier? He would almost be as strong as a Super Saiyan, so I edited the ssj1 hair here.

I had this idea that Everyone that was on namek would be revived much sooner, and frieza being killed by vegeta after his revival. Vegeta achieves super saiyan in frustration towards Goku, and plans to get back at him by testing his new form. Goku, becked into a corner, given a chance to live by winning the fight, pulls out a x40 kaioken to match Vegeta and beat him.

Speed and power would increase dramatically, but he would suffer extreme fatigue and use energy very quickly, while also be more vulnerable to attacks.

I don't think there has ever been a kaioken based mod of this kind before... sooooooo.... yeah. Hope ya like it! :D

Also, I wish that alot of the screenshots didn't make him look like super saiyan god, but whatever. Its cool none the less



EDIT: I added False SSJ as a transformation so yall can see the difference. And the skills are also edited


poop on ur face



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