Gogeta Hairstyle For Female Cacs And Vegetto Hairstyle For Male Cacs + SS3 Variant (Acc)

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Gogeta Hairstyle For Female Cacs And Vegetto Hairstyle For Male Cacs + SS3 Variant (Acc)


Add the Gogeta style of hair for female characters in the creator of characters, I also added Vegetto (Original) hair style unmodified for men, if you want for the female characters, I'll leave a link to it and finally add an accessory type wig of a variant created with the style of SS3


Vegetto Hair Style Link for female characters




Añade el  estilo de cabello de Gogeta para personajes femeninos en el creador de personajes , tambien añadi el estilo de pelo de Vegetto (Original) no modificado para personajes hombres , si quieres para los personajes femeninos dejare un link de ello y por ultimo agrega un accesorio tipo peluca de una variante creada con el estilo del SS3


Link del Estilo de Pelo de Vegetto para personajes femeninos




Eternity For their modding tools http://animegamemods.freeforums.net/thread/701

Olganix & Dario For Xenoviewer https://starcitizenmods.com/mods/xenoviewer-v2-libxenoverse/


Installation Manual, also leave a guide in the winrar and installation X2m (Accessory Only)



-Content Manual Versión And .X2m Versión (Only Accesory)

-Added Accesories Type Wig SS3 (Variant) For Female Cacs

Gogeta Hairstyle For Female Cacs

-Replaces the Hairstyle 33 = 34 ----> In the Character Creator (HUF/SYF)

-Replaces the Hairstyle 30 = 31 ----> In the Character Creator (MAF)

Vegetto Hairstyle For Male Cacs

-Replaces the Hairstyle 21 = 22 ----> In the Character Creator (HUM/SYM)


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