Female hair #01 and #18 transform to #16

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Another request fulfilled, this time it's a female mod.

There are 2 mods in the release:

  • female hair #01 that transforms into female #16
  • female hair #18 that transforms into female #16

By default, if you don't change anything, this mod will replace hair #03 and #16, that's because #01 and #18 use shared textures with the others hairstyles and replaceing them will cause problems.

You can replace different hairs other that the numbers I've put, but be careful to the shared files between the hairs, for example the hair 001.emb is used by most of the hairs, so if you replace it you'll corrupt the textures of every other female hairstyle.

Some hairstyles don't have .emb files, that's because they share it with another hairstyle, so if you try to replace these hairstyles with my mods, the lines won't be correct.

I assure that if you replace the proper hairstyles, the lines on my mods are perfectly working (as you can see in the screenshot).


Rate and comment!

If you want to requests an hair mod, do it at my forum topic: The Wizard transformable hairs.

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