EverSoNitro CaC2X2M Pack: Chizuni, Majin Mouss, M4, Baby Chizuni

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The Dynamic Fist, and hero of Toki Toki City: Majin Mouss!

The Galactic Megaton, and savior of Conton City: Chizuni!

The Nameless Machine: Model Number 4!

Now you too can add these heroes to your roster! Whether you like to be up close and personal with Majin Mouss's Kaioken-powered fists of fury, if you prefer to blow your enemies sky-high with Chizuni's huge arsenal of explosive ki blasts (and huger arsenal of alternate costumes), or if you prefer to steal your enemy's ki and use it against them with M-4's optic blasters, these three (and the Tuffle-infected Chizuni from an alternate timeline) will be right at home in your character select screen!


Requires the patcher and mod installer found here.


V1.3 (The M-4 Update!):

New character: M-4! Uses a female human fighting style, with Potential Unleashed, Darkness Rush, and Super Electric Strike

Two new costumes for Chizuni! "Broly's Clothes" lets Chizuni dress up as her idol, the Legendary Super Saiyan (with a bit of a personal touch), and "Battle Suit" lets her get back to her Saiyan roots with a traditional battle suit.

No changes to Baby Chizuni or Mouss


Chizuni's "Casual" and "Swimsuit" presets have been changed, thanks to assorted custom color mods. If you have the previous version of Chizuni (v1.3), this will require a fresh install of the mod, as her key and character code are different.

Baby Chizuni now has her own CSS portrait! If you have Baby Chizuni appended to Chizuni, and wish to give her her own slot, this will require a fresh install, this is not required if you aren't updating Chizuni, but if you are updating Chizuni, you might need to reinstall Baby Chizuni anyway.

No changes to Mouss.


V 1.1:

Changed Baby Chizuni's aura from default Saiyan blue to Unlocked Potential white

Buffed Baby Chizuni's Health, Ki, and Stamina, to make her more in line with my original concept as a "boss character"

No changes to Chizuni or Mouss


V 1.0: Initial release!

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