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Mirror when VGM don't want to download

Tool for manipulate some ean file : copy/paste/merge animations, and rewrite a ean file for DragonballXenoverse.

As you could see on the screenshot, I have Radiz STAND animation (crossed arms) on APL. But you could also replace RUN animation by STAND animation just for fun. Or take /modify animation for player 's characters.

So moddler allready have test the first version and finalise their new version of their mods.


Based on the work of Dario on LibXenoverse. Look at Tutorial so How to use it.

Git repo




Just dezip.

If you have some trouble, download and install "Microsoft Redistruable c++ Visual Studio 2013 x86 update 5" (all words are important).

Take care about using folders without space in name.


Version 0.8.2 :

-add new BonesPreset (and also update arms) : 'spine', 'wings', 'sword', 'cane', 'spear', 'acessories'

Version 0.8.1 :

-add option on CopyPasteRange to have a different startIndex on destination (for paste).


Version 0.8 :

-confirmation of Loading. -Load many file in one command.

-could use "path with space" -the End or applications are normalized : by default, it's WaitOnError, but with options/shortcut you can change this. -increase the float precision. -resolve extension in UpperCase.

-correction about keyframes (have the last keyframe on duration-1, on 0 and reorder the keyframe by time)

new functions : -'Append', 'Cut', -'FixedPositionComponent' (to fix X Y or Z with the first keyframe), -'MovePositionComponent' (in contrary, to move for a value on all the duration a components) -'AddBoneFilterPreset' preFill some series of bones for 'AddBoneFilter' -All indexBone could be replaced by the name of bone for selection.


Version 0.7 :

-new command  "LoopAnimation" to duplicate animations (on a bone if you want)

-solve a bug when duration change up to 256 frames (4.26s) at save.


Version 0.6 : -new command for fast fixing large problem on duration: 'MatchAnimationDuration <indexEAN_src> <indexEAN_toMatch> <indexAnimation_Start> <indexAnimation_End> ' the second Ean will have the same duration of the same Named animation from the Ean src. For a range of animations. Notice the range is about animations of the second Ean

Version 0.5 :

-new experimental command to add a offset or scale the positions in a animation for a bone. (ex : I use this to adapt Rayman to the animation of Raddiz (by put a offset of -0.4 meters the pelvis bone for all animations of RAD.ean) or Great Ape (multi command for scaling pelvis, base and foot bones on all animations))

(Edit : ) I forgot to say that a +Y up axis, -Z is the front of character. +X is the left of the caracter.


IMPORTANT: My mistake : in Help I talk about "GetDurationForBone", but it's "GetDuration". same with SetDuration command. Sorry. (Edit : corrected in v0.5)

Version 0.4 :

-new commands for modify animations durations (by bone if you want).

Note : is for solve the problem on using another animation for tails, whitch doesn't have the same duration on others bones. Solve Glitch : break on cycling animations.


Version 0.3 :

-correction about using Bonefilter.

-add new command to add all bones directly (and exclude some of).

-add  two command to do CopyPaste  (and also with BoneFilter) on a range of animation.


Someone have tested the version 0.1.

So the difference is the Bone's filter to merge animation : the tool will only erase part of animation witch have the named bone in filter. So you could replace only animation of Tails, by example.



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