Dragonball Pack 2

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King Piccolo, Bandage the Mummy and Spike the Devilman (i will update it for grandpa Gohan soon)

To Expect:

1.1 Thumbnails For King Piccolo, Spike the Devilman and Bandage the Mummy By April 8

1.2 NEW character Grandpa Gohan

1.3 NEW Attack: Devilman Beam, Spikey purple fingernails Spike the Devilman

Final: Thumbnail For Grandpa Gohan


Incoming Mod Pack: Fasha, Android 15 & 14, Sauzer, Yamu and King Cold

I've abandoned King Kai project, and Android 19 has been delayed due to some technical difficulties. (Same problem with android 15 but it should be fixed soon)


Use eternitys installer, standard X2M



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