Dragon Ball FighterZ Music Mod

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You can find the Silenced Intro version by clicking on the link above "Download" and underneath "Tags" (may be invisible when you hover your cursor near it) and switching the link to the second one.

Replaces all the battle music with FighterZ songs. I recommend setting the audio for music to the 2nd or 3rd bar since the music can be quite loud at max.

This mod is not intended for story mode. You can use it for story mode if you like but there may be problems like unfitting songs. Due to FighterZ not having enough background/idle songs I had to use some songs from DBS for the Conton City music. There's also exactly one song off for having all FighterZ music so the last song is Ultimate Battle as a bonus. All of the stages should have the correct song when set to default (West City has West City song, etc) except for Destroyed West City and Future In Ruins due to sharing the same song cue ID as another stage.


Here's my Dragon Ball Super music mod if you're interested in that: https://starcitizenmods.com/mods/dragon-ball-super-music-mod-v2/


Here's the full list of music tracks (ordered from the Battle Music list):

  1. Goku's Theme
  2. Rocky Field (Evening)
  3. Destroyed Planet Namek
  4. Vegeta's Theme
  5. Trunks' Theme
  6. Land of the Kais
  7. Gohan's Theme
  8. Wasteland
  9. Krillin's Theme
  10. Majin Buu's Theme
  11. Piccolo's Theme
  12. Tien's Theme
  13. Yamcha's Theme
  14. Gotenks' Theme
  15. Hit's Theme
  16. Beerus' Theme
  17. Frieza's Theme
  18. Space
  19. Cell's Theme
  20. Nappa's Theme
  21. Android 16's Theme
  22. Android 18's Theme
  23. Future West City
  24. Planet Namek
  25. Cell Games Arena
  26. Android 21's Theme (True)
  27. Android 21's Theme (Villain Arc)
  28. Underground Lake
  29. West City
  30. Islands
  31. Android 21's Theme (Hero Arc)
  32. World Tournament
  33. Captain Ginyu's Theme
  34. Goku Black's Theme
  35. Broly's Theme
  36. Bardock's Theme
  37. Ultimate Battle

Files should go in data folder



  • Updated everything to FighterZ music. Another update is unlikely unless to fix a problem, even if there's more DLC songs due to not having enough space for another song
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