Divine Annihilation (Susanoo-Like move)

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"What is Divine Annihilation?"

It's a Ki Blast, but not a any normal ki blast, this OP Ki Blast builds a even more powerful, giant and potent aura everytime you use it. As a result the screenshots you see in this post. But, warning, to reach higher levels of this move you'll need a Powerful PC if you wan't to keep your game fluid, since the amount of particles will be amazing, however, it can be still runned in a low-end PC.

"Is it a Ultimate?"

No, it's a super, that's because it's OP.

"How you made this?"

This originated as a EMO and EMA bug, but i polished it and made it more stable to look like you see it now.

"Can you do this for other moves?"

Currently, it's experimental and very unstable.

As always, this mod is a public modding resource so everyone can use it in their mods. Just credit me in the description.

This is gonna be my last mod for a while, you can read the reasons in my Discord:





As always, with Xv2Installer.


0.5 - Stable Version

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