Dio Brando CAC (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

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I've tried my best to create Jojo's bizarre adventure, and this is what has come out. I hope you like it. And well it can become super saiyan rose xd


credits to lazybone for tranformation super saiyan rose


and credits for LostSoulAT for the  bandana

V.1.3  Dio Bojack Clothes  and Pure Progress

V 1.2  COSTUMES AND SKILLS https://mega.nz/#!rMVSST5C!bDDfThWyL539ZB3bXbgdsbU88V_LSD2oYVPfw0pe1TY

V1.1 ADDED CUSTOMES & SKILLS  https://mega.nz/#!3I0wnaKY!14c9grEXRYpROu7GVtEvda0VtzSApW0SxVRGwuddW4Y

V1:  https://mega.nz/#!HEdABZhT!U5f0hhncHDiQoB4ndia0dxvGpQsRgr17-Gt0VgT6Q6E


xv2 INS

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