Daimon – Envoy of Sin (Cac Added Slot)

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So after i uploaded my first Mod i was asked by a friend o mine to make my Cac a playable fighter. So I did what i could and uploaded it here too so you can play him too. If something is wrong please write it in the comments below.

His name is Daimon - Envoy of Sin. And yeah i'm kind of the role player so...xD. There is a backstory for him but that doesn't really matters right ? ;)


Important !!!

To play this mod like in the screenshots, you need the HUM folder from my previous mod . With that the hair will change to red if you transform.

Also i was told that some of his skill there gone so i uploaded a new x2m file with different skill. Apperently my custom created skill didn't transfer.

(Im still learning modding so please be gentle with me >.<)



Huge thanks  to :

Tryzick for his awesome karoly hairstyle,

ysbag and nezha for the (colorable) Beat hairstyle,

Kingpin for his colorable/animated tail,

Layer for the SSJ3 Vegito hairstyle,

LorisCangini for the yellow potaras and

Javituchi for the nice black eyes for the Godly Super Saiyan 3 stage.


Eternity's XV2 Installer

It is really easy !



V1 : Daimon - Envoy of Sin.

V1.2 : changed and added missing skills

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