Custom Skills (Without Mods) V1.5

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This is my first Mod, I have edited Custom_Skills.cus and the Characters now have the habilities that used in DBZ, for example Goku (Cell Saga) Have now SSj and Warp Kamehameha, Trunks (Without Jacket, This is from Broly Movie, and Armor, but this is Future, When dispair to Cell For Ever) Have Super Vegeta, Goku in the unique Slot that use Super Spirit Bomb is on Frieza Saga and end of Buu Saga (SSj), Cell have USSj and Super Kamehameha (USSj is after Trunks Battle and After Gohan's Transformation to SSj 2), etc ...



Descompress the folder into datap2 folder and Repack


Gohan's Slots fixed (Villainous and Unleashed Potential)

Evils Dragons evasives

Gurdo, Towa, Wiss fixed skills

Frieza Final Form  have Energy Release now, for the pose XD

Vegeta SSj 4 Super Galick Ho (In GT this is from Baby Vegeta but...)

Kid Trunks (But no is the correct taunt that he use) have Taunt and Super Kamehameha in Slot 2

Krillin have Super Kamehameha in the 4 and 5 Slots

Frieza Full Power have You will die in my hands (Vacation Delete)

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