Custom Aura Particle mod PROOF OF CONCEPT!!

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see it in action here

if you're gonna use my mod then credit me and link to my download page and my youtube video for it

This is a very interesting particle mod for aura's that I came across last night while trying to improve on the initial aura mod I had made! this mod has a modded aura that I reworked myself.

it replaces kaio-ken's aura with a deep blue aura with a black outline andi t also replaces the original blue aura with a light blue aura with a red outline to simulate super saiyan blue kaio-ken

I've also made the aura taller and added a few more flicks to it

these aura's overwrite unlocked potential and super saiyan it's my aura file so you'll get some bonuses too but it's all set in all of your characters should have the custom aura's and also give your custom character super saiyan for the SSB kaio-ken aura


extract the folder go into datap3 > data and then grab vfx and add it to your datap3 and repack go into data2>data>system and grab aura_setting and put it into your data2>data>system repack and play


V1.0 Initial release

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