Colorable Metal Armed Clothes

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Done as requested. The Mod includes:

-Piccolo's Clothes (Top)

-Vegito's Clothes (Top)

-Future Trunks Clothes (Top)

-Metal left hand "gloves"(included in Piccolo's x2m).

All colorable. All with Replacer variant.

Thanks to: Eternity and Anime Game Mods for the XV2INS and xv2costcreat.

Thanks to Majin Petrosk for the "How to make all clothes Colorable" Guide.

Thanks to Olganix for his tools

Thanks to The Modder(s) and Site Owner(s) for the upload. And to the creators of Dragon Ball and Xenoverse.

Intrested in CaC things? check My other mods (not a lot for now, but more to come!)

Don't forget to give credits if you want to publish something (mod, videos etc) including my mods, and give me a link as well!





See info files.


1.0 Upload

1.1 Added Future Tunks Clothes Metal Armed.

1.2 added custom shirt

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