Calli The Female Legendary Super Saiyan (Female Broly)

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This mod was not made by only me but by Hisana Fukuhara as well. If it wasn't for her, none of this would be possible. HUGE thanks to her for all the coding elements of this mod whereas I did the modelling parts


This is theĀ current point from my previous mod, This is female broly.

She has custom fighting style, a new ultimate and the Legendary Super Saiyan skill has 2 stages, suppressed and max LSSJ. Suppressed has SSBKK X10 animation and the max power has Blaster meteor animation.


Heads up! I now have a patreon, if you want to support me please do and it will help a lot with upcoming mods.



Eternity X2m Method. If you have problems with x2m you can open the X2M with WinRAR.


3.02: Full Release


3.04: Fixed skirt issue and LSSJ face damaged issue.


3.08: Fixed all Crashing and skills updated.

In a few weeks, Me, Hisana and a couple other gifted individuals will be making an "ultimate" version that's as accurate as possible.

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