Cac Skill – Godly Super Saiyan Transformation (V2 Kills even FOnko/BigSmoke or every other OP character)

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After i watched Battle of the Gods i seriously fall in love with the Super Saiyan God Form. But after i started to watch Dragonball Super more i noticed that this awesome Form vanished and we got the "better"  Super saiyan Blue Form. Don't get me wrong i like Super Saiyin Blue but i felt bad for the God Form.

So i made this little thing . I'm still new to all this modding s***, but i think i got it know.

Skill is the Shop for 150000 Zeni or 100 Tp . (almost forgot xD)


V1.1 : Important !!!

I have not included the hairstyles , nor the eyes files for ssj3 form because there are from different mods.

The HUM folder i included holds files to get the red hair and eyes in the screenhots. (But you don't need them really)

V1.3 : Important !!! 


After seeing so many OP mods/cac i overall edit my skills here so in my "Personal" Version you are stronger than other "normal" characters in the game but still not so OP.

But the "OP as F***" Version takes it to another level .It gives you more Health, KI and STM Regenaration and the Power to kick all the asses of these "OP" mods out there. I'm still trying to advance the Limits of it but for now it should do the trick.

You have been warned ! Beside a glitch or something else nothing can kill you except yourself.


Shoutout to:

Tryzick for the Hairstyle (Link)

MinhazMurks for the other Hairstyle (Link)

ysbag and nezha for the (colorable) Beat hairstyle (Link)

Kingpin for his colorable/animated tail (Link)

Layer for the SSJ3 Vegito hairstyle (Link)

loriscangini for the potaras and other accessories (Link)

Javituchi for the nice black eyes for the Godly Super Saiyan 3 stage (Link)


Akira Toriyama ,  Dimps and Bandai Namco Entertainment



Eternity's XV2 Installer for the Skill.

The rest just drag the HUM files into your HUM folder and pack data 2.

It is really easy !


V1 : Both Version of the Skill "Godly Saiyan" and the HUm files.

Normal: No Ki and Stamina penalties, small boost in melee, blast and speed.

OP: Ki and Stamina recovery , plus far greater boost in melee, blast and overall speed


V1.1 : Added some files for the red eyes and eyebrows.

V1.2 : Updated a bit the stats and edit the description.

V1.3 : Removed the old sills and added my new Versions. "OP as F***" mode is included!


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