Black Goku (Female) (Rework)

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Black Goku (Female) (Rework)


This is a Rework a Female Black Goku based on the mod that I initially created "Zantyarz" so I added extra

things for better as always is also based on fanarts rule 63 in black goku, without more to say enjoy the mod  :D



Esto es un Rework a Female Black Goku basado en el mod que creo inicialmente "Zantyarz" por lo cual añadi

tambien cosas extras para mejor  como siempre esta tambien basado en fanarts de la regla 63 en black goku , sin

más que decir que disfrutes del mod  :D


Doubts and Others

Why the Outfit called Black Suit?

That suit was not like that at the beginning and it was called Sexy Black Suit, but I changed it because it was a

bit perverted, as with Zamasu Fusion (Female) I also wore a Swimsuit style outfit but I did remove it at the end

for the same thing


Because the Super Saiyan 4 when transformed can not be transformed?

This I did so by the tearing of the clothes, since if you lose the Black Gi would be magically arranged


Based on the Mod of Female Black Goku by Zantyarz



Xenoverse 2 Aura Expansion



Pride Troopers For Xenoverse 2 Aura Expansion

Re:_try for Ki Blade Moveset for "Female Black Goku"

Eternity for Tools

Olganix And Dario for Xenoviewer V2

Olganix for EmdFbx And FbxEmd

Olganix , Dario And Mugen for XenoXmlConverter

Olganix For EanOrganizer


Just use X2M installer eternity tool;




-Added Black Goku (Female) + Slots Transformed

-Other Minor Misc



-Added Black Goku (Female) (Original Version) "Discarded"

(The original version is that it is possible to have some bugs on the face of the rest should work, obviously it is a version that doesn't finish and I add it now, since the toxicity killed this mod possibly)




-Removed Black Goku (Female) Original Versión

-Resized Arms Shirt And New Face Forehead For Black Goku (Female)

-Removed Burts Black Kamehameha And Savage Strike Rosé

-Update All Skills And Added Black Attack Skill (Variation [Super])

-Change Aura For SS4 And Black Limit Breaker (Require:

-Update Moveset Support Now SS3

-Other Minor Misc

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