Big Smoke (San Andreas)

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BIG SMOKE, REMEMBER THAT NAME. Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris from gta:san Andreas to Xenoverse 2. Comes with bonus Audacious order skill. Exactly the same as the laugh but renamed. I've also edited his skin so that he's not super ripped like everyone in DB. He just has some slight definition to his muscles.

Also comes with :Grove Street Pride: Which can be used by CaC, but not online of course. Fuel yourself with the power and Pride of Grove Street. Gives a bigger boost to ki-attacks than PU but lower strike and and attack boost. Has a slight stamina regen boost but also a slight toll on Ki regen.

Have fun playing as your CaC CJ with Big Smoke at your side or you could of course show him what you think of "the damn Train"


Requries the patcher and installer:

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