Beerus (X2M 100% Series)

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Introducing Beerus from the 100% Series! This is the first character mod within the 100% Series, and my first character mod in general. I think this newer version of Beerus gives him enough power to be a huge threat, but at the same time balances that power through high ki consumption, so he definitely isn't unbeatable. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy and as usual you may leave your suggestions for future mods in the discussion area, thanks!


Powerful stats, but also high-speed basic attacks.

Comes with 2 brand new skills, and they are able to be used with your CAC!

Has low max stamina, but uses substantially less stamina when performing an evasive snap vanish or a burst dash.


billy mays here, you should definitely use X2M to install this mod! just watch as the stains of your vanilla gameplay come right off!


v1.7 - Release!

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